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Kingdom Shift ... it's time to Shift! Kingdom Shift ... it's time to Shift!,South Africa,
Event Description
A Powerful dynamic service with Pastor Verina Cupido, Senior Pastor of Omega Ekklesia Ministries Cape Town, hosted by Aglow International Ministries. Pastor Verina will be ministering on the topic of Kingdom Shift.

Starts:2013-04-13     Ends:2013-04-13
Healing Crusade Healing Crusade,Canada,
Event Description
Come and experience Signs, Wonders and Miracles from God through the ministry of International Bishop Dalton G. Burnett. A humble man of God that is walking in the healing and deliverance anointing. Come and be healed and set free from all kind of diseases, mental illness, cancer, Aids, oppression, depression….Like in Jesus days, we are believing to see the mute come to speak, the deaf hear, the blind see. The cripple walk and those that are controlled and are in captivity under the power of demonic spirits will be set free in Jesus Name. This will be an experience of a life time. Most important come and experience the power of salvation in action, restoration of families and relationships.

Starts:2013-04-20     Ends:2013-04-20
Hope Regained 2013 Hope Regained 2013,United States,
Event Description
It will be a two day event. Join us for worship and praise on Friday night (4/12/13) from 6pm-9pm, a Saturday afternoon (4/13/13) filled with thought-provoking seminars from 2pm-4:30pm and a Saturday evening (4/13/13) service from 5pm to 8pm. The speakers and titles of the seminars are in the following: 1) Pastor Bert Yun: "What's Happening? I Want to Study." 2) Dr. Daniel Park (from Azusa Pacific University): "What Do You Want to Be?" 3) Pastor Doosik Bang: "Let's Talk about Sex." 4) Young Lee (Vice President of Bank of America): "Seeking God in the Workplace." 5) Kenneth Han (Attorney): "Legal Issue Consultation" Come join us, and experience the hope that can be found in Jesus Christ like never before!

Starts:2013-04-12     Ends:2013-04-13
Event Description
Feat. Clif & Marie (live music, talk + Q&A) and DJ B! (background music, dance club, MC) • This event is reserved exclusively to single Christian men and women, aspiring to marriage or not, looking for fellowhip, friendships, encouragement and a good time. • Themes: Romance with God, God, love & romance, singlehood and marriage (talk). Gospel/Christian music (+ mainstream with DJ). Chill out, fellowship, ice breakers, worship, party and dance! •At: The Bull, brewpub, 13 North Hill Highgate, London, N6 4AB • Access: Highgate tube; bus; free parking • TICKETS & FULL DETAILS:

Starts:2013-05-02     Ends:2013-05-03
Good Friday Concert at The Refuge Good Friday Concert at The Refuge,United States,
Event Description
This is a free concert and worship. Food is available at the snack counter. We will have 2 bands Paid in Full and Phoenix United. This will be a great time of worship and praise with a short message by Dr. Keith Mears.

Starts:2013-03-29     Ends:2013-03-29
A Women\\\'s Retreat A Women\\\'s Retreat,Canada,
Event Description
A women\\\\\\\'s retreat with speakers and feature music. Food and accommodations are included. Focus is on breaking through with faith.

Starts:2013-04-26     Ends:2013-04-28
Women's Night Out in Worship Women's Night Out in Worship,United States,
Event Description
Come Laugh,Cry, Sing, Shout, and SNACK with a multiculural group of women who love the Lord. A Night Out in Worship is awaiting. TICKETS are FREE:

Starts:2013-04-27     Ends:2013-04-27
Musical Evangelists for Christ - Europe! Musical Evangelists for Christ - Europe!,Germany,
Event Description
To Whom It May Concern: All presidents, vice presidents, pastors, youth leaders, school teachers, any of the office personnel, and anybody that enjoys music are all invited to see how we can use music to reach out to the people of Europe! Musical Evangelists For Christ was started many years ago by a group of young people who wanted to share Christ by going door-to-door and offering to sing songs for the people at the doors. Several Christian books were offered as a free gift. This last year 50 young people went out doing the same thing in 2 groups of 25 each and there were more musical instruments as well. We had people that played violins, trumpets, flutes, and a cello! There was a wide variety of different ages from 4-40+! No one is too young or too old to be able to participate! Some people say, “I don’t play an instrument.” No problem. Just bring your voice! Musical Evangelists For Christ is willing to work with all churches to reach out to as many people as we can. Musical Evangelists For Christ is planning another summer program for 2013 in Pracht, Germany. The summer program is only 1 week long, but we would like to stay for 1 week after (at another location, stay tuned for details) to discuss how we can implement this program on a broader scale in every church across Europe. We would like to invite anybody that wants to be involved to join us for an exciting opportunity to witness for God! You don’t have to speak German! Hope to see you there! God bless, Mark Meyer Website: (German Version) Website: (English Version) All registration information is available on the websites. If there are young people in your group, please fill out the form under the Application page. You will also need to register with Hoffnung-Weltweit Campmeeting. All of Hoffnung-Weltweit website in German. If you need to register in English, please contact Margit Hast @ (0049) 0700 - 46364938.

Starts:2013-08-12     Ends:2013-08-19
1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt,United States,
Event Description
Free Admission

Starts:2013-03-31     Ends:2013-03-31
Seattle Encounter Conference Seattle Encounter Conference,United States,
Event Description
Seattle, Washington April 25-27, 2013 LOCATION: DoubleTree Suites by Hilton, Seattle, WA 98188 Speakers: Michael Koulianos (Benny Hinn\\\'s son-in-law), Brian Guerin, Eric Gilmour, Hermes Falcao Jr., Aimee Montgomery Worship: Veneration Are you ready to encounter Jesus in a greater way? If your heart is to rise up to be part of a new spiritual generation marked by intimacy with Jesus and living in power, that God is establishing in this hour, do not miss this amazing event. Anointed, on-fire ministers, that are lovers of Jesus, who move in power, signs, wonders, and miracles are gathering to minister to you and release impartation. You are called to break out into a new dimension of encounter with Jesus and be released into greater things! At The Encounter Conference you will experience the manifest presence and power of God. You will receive fresh revelation and fresh anointing upon your life. You will have the opportunity to receive from anointed ministers who have seen nations transformed for Jesus. We will be having a Special luncheon with Aimee Montgomery Ministries on Friday at 12:30 PM. You will hear a message from one of our speakers, receive more impartation as the Lord leads as well as learn more about AMM. There is an additional cost per person for the luncheon. This will be a great time of fun, food and fellowship. Pre-registration is required with a nominal registration fee of $30.00 to help cover the cost of the lunch. REGISTRATION: Pre-Registration Through April 19, 2013: Adult - $79.00 per person At-Door Registration IF AVAILABLE: Adult - $89.00 per person REGISTRATION NON-REFUNDABLE Online Registration closes April 19, 2013. After that you can register at the door at the drop-in rate. The drop-in rate is based on availability: $89 per person for entire conference $40 per person per day No couples, partners or children\\\'s discounts. Please note: No childcare provided Luncheon with AMM & Guests - Friday: $30.00 per person ($35.00 at door if space is available) Non-refundable **Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate special diets.** SESSIONS: Thursday, April 25, 2013 5:30 PM - Registration 7:00 PM - Evening Session Friday, April 26, 2013 9:00 AM - Registration 9:30 AM - Morning Session 12:30 PM Special Luncheon 2:30 PM - Afternoon Session 7:00 PM - Evening Session Saturday, April 27, 2013 9:00 AM - Registration 9:30 AM - Morning Session 2:30 PM - Afternoon Session 7:00 PM - Evening Session LOCATION: DoubleTree Suites by Hilton 18740 International Blvd Seattle, WA 98188 (206) 246-8600 Room Rates: (Rooms at this discount rate are very limited, we recommend you make your reservations early) $119/night plus taxes for single/double beds Group Name : AMM Conference Reservation phone: 1-800 HILTONS Cut off date: March 25, 2013 TRANSPORTATION: Free Shuttle to and from SeaTac Intl airport every 15 minutes. Discount Parking $12.00 local or overnight inclusive of city and state tax REGISTER ONLINE AT WWW.AIMEEMONTGOMERY.ORG/CONFERENCECENTER.HTML

Starts:2013-03-25     Ends:2013-03-27
Spring Rally Spring Rally,United Kingdom,
Event Description
The West London Revival Bookshop and Fellowship, 4-6 Hanworth Road, Hounslow, Middlesex presents medical evidence of healings and prophecy proofs as well as ofering fellowship with people who claim to be sons/daughters of God. Fri 29th: 2-7pm, personal testimonies and 10 min talks. Sat 30th: 11am-noon, personal testimonies & 6:30-7:45pm, presentation. Sun 31st: 1:30-3pm, meeting including gifts of the Holy Spirit, as detailed in 1 Cor. 14; & 6-7pm, healing presentation. The area is "multi-cultural" but we have found the locals to be open to God doing what man can't do, and people of many different backgrounds will testify of how they were converted from their skepticism to having the love, joy and peace of mind only the living God can give.

Starts:2013-03-29     Ends:2013-03-31
Awake, Arise & Rebuild Banquet Awake, Arise & Rebuild Banquet,United States,
Event Description
7th year ministry celebration. Food, worship, praise dance,and dynamic preaching by Dr.Jazmin Georges. An evening to network with various ministry's. You dont want to miss this event.

Starts:2013-04-13     Ends:2013-04-13
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